About Us

For those of you wondering what the symbol is about in Angie’s logo she would like to tell you…When Angie was deciding what to name her new venture, she felt she owed recognition to her mother-in-law. Had it not of been for her sad passing she would never in a million years ever have considered creating memorial jewellery.

It wasn’t until looking at memorial jewellery herself did she realise just how expensive some of it was. Angie’s mother-in-law’s name was Eileen , known by those closest to her as “Big Ei”.

This got Angie’s creative thoughts going, she remembered a symbol that was the shape of a “big eye”.

After looking at the symbol she noticed it also looked like the letter “A” for Angie, this was a big sign that the symbol must be part of her logo. The reasoning behind this was it would be a loving tribute to Eileen “Big Ei” and her very own initial combined. Not stopping there she also researched the symbol to get a better understanding of the meaning behind it.

She learnt the symbol is “the eye of Horus”, the symbol also has a left and a right. Angie chose the right which has its own name “the eye of ra” this represents good luck and is also ruled by the sun. Angie has very open beliefs of the spiritual world and loves horoscopes, Angie and her mother-in-law’s star sign is Leo, Leo’s are also ruled by the sun. Equally important in spiritual terms this symbol represents the 3rd eye, which is the eye that sees beyond this realm.

As you can see there were so many coincidences, or you may say synchronicities. So, Angie thanks all those above and especially her mother-in-law, “Big Ei” who’s memory will forever live on through Angie’s beautiful work.