Angie often get’s asked why each batch of ashes look different. Here Ange will explain why.

Ashes come in all shapes and sizes…and range in colours from white, grey, brown and black. This can be caused by many factors, from the thickness of the bone and the bones reaction to carbon-oxides.

When Angie receives ashes, she carefully sifts them to use the larger pieces rather the powder, as this tends to make the resin turn cloudy. 

So as demonstrated below you can see not everyone’s ashes are the same size or colour.

Angie always does her best to make your loved ones ashes into beautiful keepsakes. Please bear in mind that your piece of jewellery may not look exactly as the ones pictured due to consistency and shade of ashes.

Resin shades and colours may appear different to pictured due to lighting and monitor settings. We try to represent colours as accurately as is possible.