Q: How do I send my loved one’s ashes?

A: When you pay your post & packaging you will automatically get an ashes kit, this includes a small pot which you can fill half way (One full pot can make 15 pieces of jewellery depending on the size of the jewellery) you will also receive a disposable small scoop to place the ashes into the pot.  Along with this you will receive a bubble bag and instructions. You will then need to send this to us through royal mail. We recommend that you send this back via recorded delivery to make sure your loved ones arrived with us safely.

Q: How many ashes do you need?

A: We will send you a small sealable pot, one full pot can make 15 pieces of jewellery depending on the size of the jewellery.

Q: What happens once I place my order?

A: You will be sent an ashes kit which may take 2- 3 working days to be received from the day you order your jewellery. You will then receive an email confirming we have received your loved one safely.  We will then keep you regularly updated throughout the process.

Q: Why are you so cheap compared to other companies?

A: Angie often gets asked “why is your jewellery so cheap?”. She does it for the comfort it brings others, not the money it can earn her. Also, she doesn’t pay any staff and doesn’t have to run a shop, which saves her money so she can pass those savings onto you beautiful people. Angie works from home and provides a personal one to one service.

Q: What are the ashes set into?

A: Ashes are set into resin. Resin is hard wearing, crystal clear and feels like glass.

Q: How much is delivery?

A: P&P costs £8.00 this includes us sending you an ashes kit and us then sending your jewellery back to you by fully tracked and insured next day delivery. You may deliver your loved one’s ashes directly to Angie and collect the jewellery via appointment only, please email for an appointment. Please select “Local Pickup” at the checkout to avoid being charged postage.

Q: What is your jewellery made of?

A: Each piece of jewellery has a description, and this will tell you what metal the jewellery is. You will find a selection of Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold, Stainless Steel and alloy.

Q: Can you ship abroad?

A: Unfortunately due to laws and Royal Mail’s rules on posting cremation ashes, were currently unable to ship abroad.

Q:  Can I drop off / collect my ashes in person?

A: If you are local your welcome to come and see Angie in person just contact us via email or Facebook to book an appointment. Please select “Local Pickup” at the checkout to avoid being charged P&P.

Q: Can my ashes be removed?

A: In simple terms no the ashes cannot be removed once set in resin.

Q: Do I get an authentication certificate?

A: Angie provides all her customers an authentication certificate, this is a certificate to clarify these are only your loved one’s ashes and the jewellery is from Angie herself.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: PayPal

Q: How can I contact you?

A: You can contact Angie via email or Facebook.

Q: Why are some ashes discoloured?

A: Ashes can vary in colour from white, grey, brown and black. This can be due to thickness of the bone, the reaction to carbon-oxides. There are many reasons why they may vary. You will also find when looking at your loved ones ashes that they will be different sizes and shapes, Angie will use the best ashes to make your jewellery and return any remaining ashes to you.

Q: Where are my ashes stored?

A: Ashes are stored within a sealable tub and are stored in their own box with a label. This is then stored in Angie’s workshop out the way of sunlight and damp.

Q: How do I take care of my jewellery?

A: The do’s and dont’s may look very daunting at first but with a bit of care your jewellery can be worn for years without repairs or replacements needed. Below are some simple care instructions Angie does provide a copy of this with each piece of jewellery she makes. Resin Jewellery is hard-wearing but to get the best out of your pieces and ensure they last a lifetime adhere to the following advise

  1. Scrapes – Try to avoid bumping scratching or sleeping in resin jewellery. This could damage the piece of jewellery.
  2. Abrasives – Don’t use abrasives to clean your jewellery sometimes a damp microfibre, chammy or silk cloth will polish your piece nicely.
  3. Water – Avoid submerging your jewellery pieces in water, we advise to remove your jewellery when washing or swimming.
  4. Sunlight – Store your jewellery out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause resin to discolour and soften if exposed for prolonged periods.
  5. Smoking – If your jewellery is in regular contact with smoke it may cause the piece to discolour.
  6. Chemicals- We advise to avoid exposing your jewellery to hard chemicals and cleaning products. This can range from hairspray, cleaning solutions and antibacterial hand sanitiser. Solvents will react with the epoxy and cause the resin to become scaly, yellow and possibly chip or break down completely.
  7. Cleaning silver or gold settings – We advise to use a silver polishing cloth for sterling silver findings and setting’s, when doing this please be careful not use the cloth on the resin part of your jewellery. Gently rub it on the metal carefully.